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Controls Engineer

Job Description: Design, and develop test installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems. Responsible for the installation commissioning, interface, and runoff of the software and controls of Felsomat automation and machine tools. Implement the interface while maintaining quality standards using Felsomat’s HMI (Human-Machine Interface), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), CNC (Computer Numerical Control), and robot programming structures. Work closely with machine tool controls engineers to ensure functional interface and installation within the known time frame and budget. Responsible for the installation, interface, programming, and debugging of automation equipment, robots, and machine tools. Diagnose problems, identify mechanical and software solutions, and work closely with mechanical service technicians to solve problems correctly and efficiently. Responsible for the setup, commissioning, interface, and runoff of equipment, including effectively setting up Felsomat equipment using necessary hardware and software, and installing, modifying, and debugging the necessary software and interface. Work with customers to test, implement, and modify the machine tool interface, maintain good programming and engineering principles throughout the design, installation, and runoff process, and work closely with customers to minimize risk and ensure quality and timing milestones are achieved. He will work efficiently and effectively with electro-mechanical counterparts and with mechanical technicians to deliver quality machines to Felsomat customers. Read and understand electrical schematics and mark up existing schematics for required changes. Generate new schematics using AutoCAD and EPLAN, and utilize electrical schematics to debug electrical problems as required. Apply proficiency in the principles and concepts of electrical engineering and the fundamentals of electrical design, machine tool interface, and safety.

Job Location: Will work in Schaumburg, IL, and various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S. as assigned which may require relocation.

Contact: Interested applicants may send their resumes to Felsomat USA, Inc., Attn: Human Resources, 1700 Penny Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60173. The resume must specifically identify all education and experience relevant to the job offered.


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