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Power Honing

Power Honing with a fully automated dressing process

A new bench mark for efficiency and accuracy

Power honing is a high accurate process for hard fine finishing of gear profiles. The work piece is generating the profile with an internal profiled tool, the hone-ring. Through a given axis intersection angle there is a relative movement between the work piece and the hone-ring which is generating the required stock removal with a radial infeed and an axial superimposed oscillating stroke.

Felsomat is setting a new standard in productivity and accuracy for the honing of gear teeth. By using a uniqe drive system, much higher process parameters can be achieved by the interaction of work piece and hone-ring. Maximum gear quality at shortest cycle times and lowest tool cost are the result of a very compact and extremely rigid machine design. Especially the cup shaped drive shaft for the hone-ring, is the base for up to 50% higher cutting speeds.

To keep the deviation of the upstream process as small as possible, the system technology, consisting of the machine, ceramic bonded tool and dressing gear, has to be synchronized to an optimum. The dressing gear has a special importance in the whole process. The deviation of the gear teeth form has a direct result of the machining quality. Felsomat is therefore relying on its own tooling production with Reishauer and on fully automated dressing cycles without any influence of the operator.

Power honing is often used for work pieces with geometric restrictions or for gear sets with a very high demand for low noise. With this process twist free or defined twisted gear profiles can be manufactured. Gear flank and profile modifications are possible as well. Based on the lower cutting speeds, compared to grinding, the gear profile is free of grinding burn.


Honing of gear teeth in perfection.


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