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Planet Carrier

Planet Carrier

Modern automatic transmissions are consisting of up to 3 individual planetary gear sets. In the most simplest way a set is made up of a sun gear, pinion gear, planet carrier and ring gear. For manufacturing reasons the planet carrier, consisting of ring gear, spider and disk are welded together to the finished component.

For this requirement Felsomat not only has the necessary indexing dial laser welding cell, but the needed automaton concepts as well to assemble the work pieces without damaging them. Swivel arm robots or linear gantries are matching the work pieces in the correct order and load them into the weld fixture in the load station of the laser welding cell. Based on the manufacturing task the indexing table laser welding machine can have up to six stations for:

  • Radial and axial welding of disk type components in one setting, optional low pressure technology for increased quality of the weld seam
  • Weld wire feed system to weld different materials
  • measuring device for compensation of in-process or manufacturing tolerances
  • Assembly with an electro mechanical screw spindle, force-stroke controlled
  • Pre heating with induction or UMH technology
  • Crack detection and optical weld seam control

All laser welding machines of the FLW platform have a machine base made from ultra high performance concrete for maximum rigidity with optimum damping characteristics and high dynamic axis servo drives. The work pieces are clamped into the weld fixtures throughout the stations. NC drives for the lift unit and work piece spindle guarantee process parameters that can be set excactly and a high control dynamic for the highest quality and a long life of the production machine.

The intelligent stacker cell solution with the FSC 600 protects the rough and the finish parts from any damage caused by the internal transport in the manufacturing line.


Perfect for rotationally symmetrical workpieces.



Autmation Loading – Linear Gantries.