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FLex Line – Efficient, economical and in highest quality

The future of gear manufacturing

The Felsomat FlexLine is a highly productive solution for gear manufacturing. The complete systems includes besides all the machine tools also the complete material handling, from rough to finish part, without interface, from a single source.


Production Equipment

The consequent combination of all manufacturing technologies into one production system. All process steps are linked together in integrated synchronized flow production. Elimination of single process steps and the drastic reduction of inventory and through put time. The focus of our machine design principles, are a high rigidity and short travel ways. Only premium quality components of first class rated European manufacturers are used for our machine components such as, spindles, turrets, guide ways, machine bases and controls. With the intelligent configuration of our machines, they are constantly cutting chips. There are no unproductive idle times neither at turning or hobbing – chip to chip < 1 sec. Based on the two spindle design of our machines, the loading and unloading as well as the chamfering deburring is done in parallel to the machining. The Felsomat FlexLine is a highly productive solution for gear manufacturing. The complete Flexline system includes all machine tools and the completely integrated material handling system. Complete gear manufactuirng from end to end from a single source, Felsomat.

FTC Turning Center

High precision turned components in finish grind quality
  • to chip < 1 sec
  • change over time < 2 min.

FHC Hobbing Centre

A minimum of idle time in the process
  • To chip < 1 sec
  • Shorter cutting times through a higher chip removal rate
  • Lowest cost per piece

Newest technology in laser welding

  • Solid disc laser with up to four independent controlled laser beams ( Trump TruDisk Laser)
  • Laser beam guidance with fibre optics cable
  • Compact design

SyncroTherm® Heat Treat Furnace

Case hardening done in minutes
  • One piece flow hardening
  • Work piece with highest precision

FPSH 180 Power Honing Machine

Highest material removal rate at the best achievable manufacturing quality under difficult geometric conditions.
  • Twist free hard fine finishing of gear profiles
  • Machining of gears with shoulders
  • Up to 30% higher metal removal rate with a tailor made drive system for hone-ring and work piece spindle

RZ 160 FL Continuous generating gear grinding machine

Innovative out of experience
  • Low noise surface structures at the tooth flank with the LowNoise shifting technology
  • Compensation of grinding wheel wear with continuous shifting for highest productivity and process stability
  • Optimum load capacity with the possibility to grind the base circle diameter

Automation and Material Handling

The individual production machines can be linked together based on the requirements with automation concepts of the Felsomat building blocks. The criteria for the FlexLine configuration is the fast and flexible start of production, volume variations, or simple production with mixed batches. The guiding idea behind the Felsomat FlexLine is based on the high production assembly line invented by Henry Ford. Therefore the Felsomat Flexline eliminates the disadvantage of the rigid line tact with simple decoupling modules.

  • From hand loaded Chaku-Chaku, automated stand alone machines with basket stacker cells to fully automated integrated production lines with one piece flow
  • Decoupling of technologies with ideal sized buffers
  • Avoidance of waiting times, shortest through put times oft he work pieces.
  • No cost for logistics, simple material flow
  • Conversion of unproductive over capacity into production capacity with a quick change over to a different work piece type

The Result

The Felsomat FlexLine offers the possibility of the optimum gear production solution, utilizing innovative building block design modules that are easily reconfigurable. The result is a highly efficient integrated standardized production system, built from interchangeable technology modules and automation components, for lowest cost per part and a maximum of profit without compromising quality and process stability.


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10.-14.09.2024 - Stuttgart, Exhibition center

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