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Work Piece Handling Gantries / Robots

Work Piece Handling Gantries / Robots

Gantries* or Robots** are both efficient variants of automation for machine tools. Based on the application, a robot loading with a high degree of flexibility or a gantry loading from the top through a hatch can be chosen as the optimum configuration. The robot or gantry are usually complemented by decoupling modules placed in close proximity and supplemented with additional application driven stations such as cleaning, marking or SPC drawers.

* Linear gantries are the simplest variant of a gantry robot. The points that can be reached with the gripper are all in one axis. The gantry beam provides the horizontal motion of the main axis, the vertical motion is done by the gantry arm. Gantry units are designed for a work piece weight up to 400 kg ( 880lbs)

** Industrial robots or different manufacturers and in different configurations are purchased as standardized comodity based on the application and customer specific and equipped with grippers and end of arm tooling for the individual required task.


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26.-28.06.2024 - Shanghai, China

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10.-14.09.2024 - Stuttgart, Exhibition center

07.-10.10.2024 - Detroit, MI, USA

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