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Retooling and Reconditioning

Felsomat Retooling and Reconditioning

Your Felsomat equipment back to state of the art

The expectations and requirements within high-end production are constantly changing, and we are your perfect partner for reconditioning and retooling your Felsomat equipment

It doesn’t always have to be a new machine, sometimes it is more beneficial to retool the existing equipment. We look forward to refining together with you the integration of enhancements and technical improvements for higher efficiency at lower cost in comparison to a new machine.

Before reconditioning or retooling, we recommend a detailed analysis of the equipment with our Felsomat maintenance check provided by a Felsomat service technician in which we will determine all needed maintenance tasks and plan them within the reconditioning project.


18.-23.09.2023 - Hannover, Messegelände