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Company History

Our Story of Success

Innovation from the beginning

Since the company was established in 1981, we constantly worked towards increasing the production efficiency. To this central idea we dedicated all our machines, automation, technology and system developments; it is driving us to permanently question, reappraise and optimize existing solutions. “Reinventing manufacturing” had the goal from the start to establish superior processes with genius engineering.


Felsomat continues to innovate automated production with driverless transport systems, enhanced warehouse management, 3-D simulation of material flow, and virtual commissioning.


E-mobility: Felsomat leverages many years’ experience and expertise in traditional assembly manufacturing and major turn-key projects to develop a flexible and scalable production solution for manufacturing electric motors: eFlexline.


Chamfer skiving is developed and allows deburring to take place parallel to the hobbing process. Furthermore, there are no restrictions to workpiece geometry and the bevel length and width can be controlled for each chamfer.


The modular stacker cell FSC 600 with integrated machine loading technology is now available either with the proven Felsomat gantry technology or a Fanuc robot solution.



The modular turning machine platform is extended with the FTC 160 series. For the first time it is now possible to configure the machine as a single spindle, twin spindle or pendulum machine, based on the production requirements. The FTC 180 series is enhanced further for advanced cam lobe manufacturing.

The proven Technology of the FTC 180 for the hobbing of gears, is transfered to the hobbing of shafts. It is now possible, to produce in only one set up two different gears, including chamfering and deburing.



Again Felsomat is writing history: Flexible and agile manufacturing systems for cylinder block, cylinder head, and crankshafts, are defined in a new and unique way by abandoning direct material flow.


FlexLine – Gear Manufacturing at the pace of a second

As a competent partner for systems, we offer the complete manufacturing technology, including the complete material handling, from one source. The different manufacturing technologies include green turning, gear hobbing with chamfering and deburing, heat treatment, hard turning and grinding, laser welding, gear honing and gear grinding.


The Reishauer Group acquires the Felsomat Group

The Reishauer Group is strengthening their competence in technology and leadership in gear manufacturing by taking over the Felsomat Group.

Based on a system partnership with Trumpf, the modular laser welding platform FLW 180 is developed. With the innovative machine platform FPSH 180 for the power speed honing of gears, the last link is closed in the complete process chain from “rough to finish.” At the same time the process integrated heat treatment of gears into a manufacturing system is developed together with ALD SyncroTherm.


Introduction of the modular gear hobbing platform FHC 180 with integrated, main time parallel chamfering and deburing. With a chip to chip time of less than a second, this machine is one of the most productive manufacturing system in the Industry still today.


New product launch: Introduction of the new turning machine platform FTC 180 for green and hard turning. For the first time chip to chip time less than a second is achieved with the FTC 180.

The dawn of a new age:

Felsomat is changing from an automation specialist to a system provider of complex manufacturing systems for mass production.


Felsomat develops an integrated seamless modular automation platform. As a system integrator in the manufacturing of powertrain components, the software know how is expanded.


Expansion of the product portfolio with intelligent gantry technology and automation cells. This is setting a new trend in the loading of machine tools and Felsomat is setting a new Industry standard. More than 5,000 automation cells are successful in production worldwide.


Effective January 1st 1984, Mr. Tobias Hagenmeyer, shareholder of the Getrag Group, is taking over the young company. Introduction of innovative system solution for the loading of machine tools with gantry and gripper technology.


Helmut F. Jäger is establishing the company emerging out of the product segment part feeding and pick and place modules of the Gebr. Felss GmbH & Co. KG. At this time the first product, the pick and place FE10, is developed.


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