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FTC 180 F

Turning Machine FTC 180 F

The turning machine with integrated milling unit

The performance of this proven machine platform FTC 180 for serial production far exceeds the normal turning process. Driven tools in the turret enhance the flexibility and convert the turning machine into universal turn, mill and drill center. The Felsomat FTC 180 F is setting new standards.

The extraordinary bench mark:

  • Chip-to-chip time < 1 second due to
  • loading/unloading parallel to the processing
  • pendular machining with 2 spindles
  • Ideal for dry machining
  • Extreme rigid milling spindle mounted to the Z-axis carriage in addition to the turret
  • Sturdy drill and mill heads instead of the turret
  • Tail stock for shaft type components (option)
  • Easy operator interface with intelligent technology software package
  • Singular construction design with lift hooks for easy redeployment
  • Integrated in process or post process - measurements

For a multitude of manufacturing possibilities:

  • Milling of sophisticated operations such as faces contours slots
  • Grinding of inner and outer diameters
  • In process gaging to detect the work piece Z-axis position, manufacturing tolerances and tool compensation

The FTC 180 F guarantees the highest precision and metal removing rate for the machining of complex forms. The extremely rigid mounting of an additional motor spindle in the work area is the basis for eliminating vibrations and thus is the guarantee for long tool life and excellent surface finish.

Precision to the µm, day after day, year after year

All turning machines of the FTC 180 platform have a mono-block machine base made from mineral base concrete for maximum rigidity with optimum damping characteristics and high dynamic axis servo drives. The turret with Hirth coupling in combination with the CAPTO C5 tool connection, direct driven synchron motor spindle with a front bearing of 120mm are the guarantee of highest quality and a long life of the production machine.

Technical Data

Swing Diameter 320 mm
Work Piece Diameter 220 mm
Axis Travel X 450 mm
Axis Travel Z 300 mm
Work Holding Diameter max. 315 mm
Spindelabstand 750 mm
Spindle Nose to DIN 55026-A6
Front Spindle Bearing Diameter
120 mm
Spindel Bore 52 mm
Power Rating (40% ED)
Power Rating (100% ED)
20,9 kW
Torque (40%)
Torque (100%)
256 Nm
200 Nm
Spindle Speed, max. 4.500 min.-1
Rapid Traverse Speed X
Rapid Traverse Speed Z
45 m/min.
45 m/min.
Max. Feed Rate X
Max. Feed Rate Z
45 m/min.
45 m/min.
Feed Force X (100% ED)
Feed Force Z (100% ED)
7,7 kN
10,5 kN
Number or tool pockets
8 optional 10
Tool Connection VDI 40/
Capto C5
Voltage 480 V
400 V
Frequency 60 Hz
50 Hz
Connected Load 65 kVA
Control SIEMENS 840 D
Length 3.600 mm
Length incl. Chip Conveyor (option)
3.950 mm
Width 1.600 mm
Height 3.000 mm
Floor Space ca. 9 m²
Weight 8.500 kg
Noise Emission ca. 78 dB(A)

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