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Green Turning

High Speed in Green Turning

Traditional Machining innovative developed

Green turning is one of the oldest machining processes in the world. That does not mean that the full potential of this process has been achieved. The manufacturer of high performance cutting tools with suitable coatings, are promising lowest cost per piece, based on a rigid machine design as well as perfect work piece spindle and axis drive and guide system. The Felsomat turning center FTC 180, especially designed for hard turning, is more than adequate for these requirements.

The possibility for various configurations of this machine is its greatest potential. The goal is to minimize both the cutting time and the idle time with intelligent solutions. Driven tools for processes such as drilling, tapping, reaming, milling and grinding are the base for the integral approach of complete machining in one or two operations. Thereby the machine is constantly making chips with the pendulum principle design, where one spindle is processing the work piece and the other spindle is loaded simultaneously. A chip to chip time with one second is setting a new standard. By machining a work piece complete in two operations on one machine, it is not necessary anymore to balance the cycle time between the operations and spindles.

Long term precision together with post process gages are making complete new application areas possible. The machine, especially designed for high performance processes and for eco-friendly dry processing of chucking work pieces. The FTC reduces existing costs by up to 50% per piece, achieving turning results never witnessed before: High precision turned parts equal to grinding quality. Base line for such results is a high thermal stability and temperature compensation in all axes.

Highest up time, long term precision,the turning centre FTC is setting new economical and quality standards for turning.


The self loading machine for high Performance processes.



Turning with highest efficency.  


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