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Automation Storage Systems – Stacker Cell FSC 600/800

Automation Storage Systems – Stacker Cell FSC 600/800

The Felsomat stacker cell with its unique functional design offers possibilities for the material flow of manufacturing lines which are rarely realized with other decoupling modules. The palletizer unit works in two stacking directions, and it is therefore possible to introduce and retrieve stacks at the same position making a central interface for the operator and eliminates unnecessary space required for loading the cell at multiple points. When the central loading door is open, a stack with finished components can be retrieved and a new stack with rough parts introduced into the loading bay of the cell. The stack change is confirmed at the control panel.

The compact and modular stacker cell reduces the required floor space and gives maximum operation flexibility. The cell can be enhanced at any time in height, length and functionality and can be adapted for individual production requirements.

The organization of the material flow is quite simple. In the FSC the work pieces are supplied in a defined order in wire baskets on a trolley where they can be picked up by a gantry or robot. The baskets are handled with an integrated pick and place unit with a horizontal and vertical NC-axix. The cell operates autonomously and the fininished part / raw part exchange function can be performed without interruption of the machine loading sequence due to an integrated safety guard.

  • Compact design with small foot pring
  • Scalable cell unit in width and length
  • Work piece supply with an autonomous cell, freely configurable in relation to the position of the machine tool
  • High inventory of parts per stack
  • Loading of the baskets only once, there is no manual part handling required afterwards for downstream operations.
  • No idle times at basket or stack exchange
  • No need for a constant attentions by the operator at the cell

To have the right material flow and the required part tracking capabilities, the following software packages are available:

  • Management of one work piece type
  • Management of mulitple work piece types
  • Mono material stacking
  • Gap transportation
  • Complete separation of rough and finish parts ( no mixed batch in the basket)


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