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FLW 180

Flexible Laser Welder 180

High Tech Welding with Laser Light

The Felsomat Flexible Laser Welder 180 is perfect balanced machine concept for the welding of round symetrical components such as idler gears, differentials, planet carrier, clutches and torque converter. The welding of the material is achieved by using the high energy concentration of the laser source. Pre processes such as assembly or pre heating is done on separate stations on the rotary table.

With high efficient solid disc laser sources of our system partner Trumpf, we increase productivity, quality and flexibility at shortest cycle times and smallest foot print with a large working area.

From the stand alone machine to the integrated manufacturing system:

A broad variety of production solutions can be configured with modular building blocks of the Felsomat FLW 180, flexible, efficient and tailor made. Starting with a simple two station manual loaded machine up to a complex manufacturing system including Felsomat automation components.

The extraordinary bench mark – automated indexing dial principle:

  • Loading
  • Assembly with an electro mechanical screw spindle, force-stroke controlled
  • Pre heating with induction or UMH technology
  • Laser welding with efficent solid disc laser and process controll
  • Crack detection and optical weld seam control
  • Unloading

For a multitude of manufacturing possibilities:

  • Radial and axial welding of disk type components
  • Weld wire feed system to weld different materials
  • Low pressure technology for a quality increase oft he weld seam

Precision to the µm, day after day, year after year

All laser welding machines of the FLW platform have a machine base made from ultra high performance concrete for maximum rigidity with optimum damping characteristics and high dynamic axis servo drives. The work pieces are clamped into the weld fixtures throughout the stations. NC drives for the lift unit and work piece spindle guarantee process parameters that can be set excactly and a high control dynamic for the highest quality and a long life of the production machine.

Technical Data

Work Piece Diameter max. 180 mm
Indexing Dial Machine 6 Stationen
Solid State Laser Solid Disk Laser TRUMPF TruDisk
Weld Optics TRUMPF BEO D70
Motor actuated Focal Position adjustment
Visualisation of Weld Area CCD-Camera with Cross Hair-Generator, 17"-Monitor
Weld Process Control PLASMO / PLASMO / Precitec
Press Type Elektro-Mechanisch, Kraft-Weg-Überwachung
Pre-Heating UHM / Induktion
Connected Load
60 kVA
Weight Base Machine 6.000 kg
Floor Space Base Machine (w/o Chip Cart) 9 m²

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