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RZ 160 FL
RZ 160 FL

Continuous generating gear grinding machine RZ 160 FL

Adaptable to your production needs

The RZ 160 gear grinding machine features an impressively compact design. Its dual work spindle technology delivers the shortest cycle time possible today. The machine can be flexibly integrated into a variety of loading systems and allows for very fast set-ups and tool changes.

The following options, among others, are available:

  • Second workpiece spindle for increased production out-put.
  • Swivable dressing tool axis, free of play, for a variety of dressing tool options and the application of special technologies such as twist control dressing.
  • CNC controlled tailstocks with freely programmable clamping force and optimal high accuracy repeatability.
  • Profile grinding on main spindle or on a high RPM add-on profile grinding spindle.
  • Gear geometry measurement system with integrated scanning probe for speedy and high resolution gear metrology.

Technical Data

Workpiece diameter 0 - 160 mm
Module range 0.5 - 4 mm
Swivel angle (grinding head) -48° to +48°
Grinding stroke (max.) 180 mm
Shaft length (max.) 490 mm
Work spindle speed (max.) 3000 rpm
Workpiece weight (incl. fixture) 30 kg
Grinding speed (max.) 100 m/s
Grinding wheel diameter (max.) 275 mm
Grinding wheel width (max.) 160 (125) mm
Diameter of dressing tool 123 / 140 mm