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Logistics Module

Automation Storage Systems – Logistics Modules

Traditionally high volume parts (e.g. cylinder head / crankcase) are provided with floor space consuming palletized conveyor systems. To reduce the required floor space drastically and increase the flexibility and accessibility at the same time, Felsomat has developed very compact and standardized cell design.

The key feature of the logistics module is the central handling unit with storage rack levels on both sides, work pieces in different stages of the production process can be stored if needed in one system in parallel, based on the management software of the cell controller.

The storage of the work pieces is done directly into the rack storage locations. Larger work pieces such as crankcase, cylinder head or transmission housing are placed in a certain orientation and locked in position, for crank shafts or smaller work pieces suitable work piece carriers are used. The storage capacity can be sized individually; the storage of the work pieces is done in multiple levels. A typical capacity for cylinder head and crankcase are 100 to 200 work pieces, for crankshafts up to 400 work pieces for a module.

Storage location management is integrated into the cell controller. Therefore the logistics module can be used as master, or through integration into a main computer system, as a slave control. Additional functions such as cleaning, changing of the work piece orientation, as well as smaller assembly tasks, can be integrated very easily based on the modular design.

The key features of the logistics module are:

  • Compact design with small foot print
  • Scalable cell unit in width and length
  • High part inventory per stack
  • Loading of the baskets only once, there is no manual part handling required afterwards for downstream operations.
  • No need for constant attention by the operator at the cell
  • Direct integration of cleaning stations or assembly processes
  • Defined waiting times for possible cooling functions

To have the right material flow and the required part tracking capabilities, the following software packages are available:

  • Last in First out (LiFo) or First in First Out (FiFo)
  • Batch size 1 or manufacturing in batches
  • Management of multiple types of work pieces


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