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Felsomat Equipment Simulation

An optimum of performance with efficient analysis for highest security

The use of modern tools, such as material flow simulation software during the layout design phase of complex production systems is a must. Even a simple system for machine loading, the complexity based on short cycle time and multiple parallel and / or sequential tasks, it is possible to exceed the human comprehension. Material flow and logistics simulation software tools are not only giving the results of the quantitative evaluation of the systems for through put and uptime, but are offering a simple to understand visualization of possible bottle necks of the system concept as well. For Felsomat the results of the simulation are mostly a confirmation of our excellent engineering capabilities in the area of capital equipment with the need of explanation.

In times of ever short product life cycles, a quick “time to the market” is a critical factor for the competitive advantage. The use of simulation software makes it easier to get a glimpse of the future already in the early stages of the planning and implementation phase and delivers the necessary information for management decisions on a very well documented basis. The projected systems can be stress tested early on. The various stages of production are simulated artificially to achieve the optimum equipment performance in every situation in real life production. Mandatory preventive activities can be scheduled from the beginning. Retrofitting on a short notice with questionable results in the very critical and most capital intensive time of production ramp up are avoided. This saves you time and money.

For our customers it offers a high security during expensive investment decisions.


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10.-14.09.2024 - Stuttgart, Exhibition center

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