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FPSH 180

Power Speed Honing Machine FPSH

Honing of gear teeth in perfection

With our power speed system the Felsomat FPSH is achieving the highest tool spindle frequency worldwide. The next generation of power honing with enhanced process parameters and tool efficiency at an optimum with a perfect synchronized system. An extremely rigid and highly precise machine with excellent damping qualities within the smallest possible foot print.

The ground-breaking concept sets new standards:

Part production time advantage
  • Part production time advantage at a 30% higher cutting speed and material removal rate
  • Reduction of idle times with a fast Pick Up Spindle concept
  • Minimum change over time through excellent access, quick change gripper and only one single hydraulic expansion tension bolt for a fast change of the honing wheel
Quality advantage
  • Improvement of the gear quality up to 4 – 6 DIN quality steps after heat treatment
  • Twist free process
  • Minimizing of noise with an unsystematic curved surface structure with a surface quality of Ra < 0,2 μm
  • Higher wear resistant surfaces of the teeth flanks through induced high residual stress allowing for a high load of the gear
Process advantage
  • Highest process stability with the process integrated automatic two flank rolling test to detect geometric inaccuracies and damages of the gear teeth
  • Clean and oil leak free machine concept with an enclosed work area to avoid external migration of oil and oil mist, together with a separately enclosed load area.
  • With the pick up spindle principle and the two flank rolling test done in parallel to the machining, the work piece spindle can do the load, unload and dressing without any additional axis within a short chip to chip time
  • Lowest tooling cost and cost per part through a longer tool life of the honing wheel and the dressing tools
  • High accurate positive or negative diamond coated dressing wheel made by Reishauer

For a multitude of manufacturing possibilities:

  • Twist free hard fine machining of gears
  • More wear resistant surfaces without structural change due to grinding burn
  • Machining of gears without lead out area

The next generation of power honing with enhanced process parameters and tool efficiency at an optimum with a perfect synchronized system.

Technical Data

Work Piece Diameter max. 160 mm
Tooth Width, max. 50 mm
Module max.* 0,5 - 4,0 mm
max. Work Piece Length 80 mm
Outer Diameter of Honring
270 mm
Width of Honring 80 mm
Cutting Material Keramik
Speed Work Piece Spindle, max.
13.000 min.-1
Speed Tooling Spindle, max.
5.000  min.-1
Connected Load
112 kVA
Weight Base Machine 15.000 kg
Floor Space Base Machine (w/o Chip Cart)
7,8 m²

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