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Automation Storage Systems – Conveyor System

Automation Storage Systems – Conveyor System

Conveyor Units

For the interlinking with the conveyor belt the work pieces are supplied for the machine tools with indexing or accumulating conveyor systems based on the application. Linear gantries, robots or integrated loading systems are serving the individual machine tools.

Palletized Accumulating Conveyor (PAC)

PAC's are conveyor systems with straight or curved tracks, where light and medium heavy work pieces can be conveyed with or without the use of a palett.

Plate Chain Conveyor

The plate chain conveyor is used for transporting rough and machined work pieces. The transport of the work piece is done directly on the chain or with pallets. By using a hardened plate chain, rough parts with cast or forged surfaces can be conveyed as well as work pieces with a smooth surface. Before the hand off to the next machining center, the work pieces can be separated and provided single file to the next process step.

Palletized Indexing Conveyor

The palletized indexing conveyor is a simple transport system for Gears or shafts. In addition the conveyor can be used as an infeed and outfeed conveyor for a machine with a high work piece density for short cycle times.

Gondola Conveyor

Gondola conveyors allow work piece buffering in the upper and lower (return) sections of the conveyor which doubles the buffer capacity with the same amount of floor space in comparison to standard palletized conveyors. With work piece pallets attached to pivot points a horizontal orientation of the work pieces even in the transition zone of the sprocket area is guaranteed.


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