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Post Process Gauging

Post Process Gauging in Automation and Assembly

High Quality Standards in Follow On Operations

High requirements for work piece quality, especially for subsequent operations, are demanding an innovative manufacturing process with integrated measuring technology in the machine tool. Certain precision machining tasks as well as finish machining, cannot be done without this feature.

To control the process stability of fine turning or reaming of high precision bores, very often a post process gage is required. The gage is compensating for the tool wear based on certain algorithms, in µm accuracy within the machine tool.

A typical machining process is bearing journals of cam shafts, and pre process gauging is required to determine the axial position of the work piece and incoming diameter, prior to machining.

The Felsomat Turning Center FTC 180 with its modular design, offers a variety of possibilities to integrate gage stations with controllers and SPC functionality. Tactile or contact free probes for multiple measuring planes and a self mastering system are available and configured based on the application. All required motions are performed automatically by the machine. Safe guards for the gage head as well as the prior cleaning of the measuring spots are standard with the complete package.


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