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Transmission Shafts

Highest Quality for Gear Shafts in One Clamping

Fully Developed to Modern Requirements

Modern manual transmissions in the automotive have often up to 3 transmission shafts. These shafts usually have spline profiles for fixed gears, bearing journals for idler gears and gears directly on the shaft. The length of these shafts can reach 500mm or longer. When looking at the number of shafts in a transmission in comparison to the gears, you will reach the conclusion that economical manufacturing of the shafts is ideally performed in one setup with complete machining of all the gear profiles with the proven process roughing – chamfering / deburring – finishing. This ensures the highest accuracy possible.

With the development of the Felsomat FHC 150 S shaft hobbing machine, all the above mentioned criterias where considered and implemented. The single spindle shaft hobbing machine can produce two, in module and helix angle, different gear profiles, in a one or two cut process, hobbing, chamfering and deburring.

The length of the work piece requires a tail stock for support as well as an optional steady rest during the machining- The machine can be equipped as an option with up to 3 independent chamfering and deburring units. All positioning and drive axis are NC controlled. This allows for synchronized chamfering of the gear with the pressure generating chamfering principle without stopping the spindle.

Driven tools in the chamfering and deburring units allow the file process for deburring on both faces of the gear. A metal removing chanfering process is possible as well. An effective hob cutter length of 426mm provides enough length to allow for different segments for the different gear modules, still providing an excellent tool life.

The work piece supply is done in the proven Felsomat way, outside the machine, an ultra rapid V-style gantry loader guarantees fast loading and unloading.


The most innovative hobbing technology for transmission shafts.


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