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Successful Internal and External Machine Loading

Automation Technology for Maximum Safety and Time Efficiency

For the loading of machines we differentiate between integrated machine loading and external machine loading.

External Machine Loading:

The loading is performed generally from the top through a loading hatch or from the side through the loading door of the machine. Based on the locations of the machines and the cycle time, it is possible to load two or more machines with one gantry or robot. During the machining process, the loading unit (gantry or robot) can do auxiliary functions such as deburing, inspection, and marking. Components of such systems are the gantry or robot with a gripper designed for the application, often as a double gripper design, rough and finish parts buffer for a controlled supply of raw material and finished parts, safety guarding, and the controls interface.

Function Principle:

The handling unit picks up the controlled positioned work piece individually. The automatic laoding hatch or loading door opens. The gantry or robot can then retrieve the finished part with the double gripper and load a raw part into the machine. After completing the loading sequence the loading hatch or loading door is closed and the machining process is repeated.

Integrated Machine Loading:

For high production manufacturing solutions, the loading units are integrated directly into the machine. The integrated machine solution offers the possibility of a mucher faster work piece exchange than is possible with external automation. Furthermore the possible contamination by wet machining or the external migfration of chips can be systematically eliminated.

Felsomat offers as a complete system provider not only the industrial handling and storage systems, but also state of the art measuring technology. Measuring systems with a remarkable high accuracy for the gauging of dimensions, form and positional deviations, as well as the analysis of surface qualities.


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