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FHC 80

Hobbing Machine FHC 80

High speed in gear technology

The Felsomat Flexible Hobbing Center 80 is providing the competitive edge in manufacturing with a perfect mechanical engineering. Especially developed for high speed cutting (HSC process) for transmission manufacturing, the FHC 80 is reducing the machining time to a level deemed unreachable so far. In combination with an ultra rapid integrated loading system it is possible to achieve machining times less than 8 seconds per work piece – and all this with a minimum of floor space and a maximum of work area.

High Performance Facts:

  • Chip-to-chip time < 1 second due to
  • Loading/unloading parallel to the hobbing process
  • Pendular machining with 2 spindles
  • Lowest cost per piece and longer tool life
  • Ideal for dry machining
  • Rigid and sturdy work piece –and tooling spindle increased cutting parameters and tool life.
  • Shorter cutting times due to higher material removal rate
  • a higher material removal rate
  • Finish machinig in final quality IT4 to IT5 with the single cut or a dressing cut process
  • More than doubled life cycle time with two spindles with lower acceleration and deceleration
  • The high productive 2- spindle hobbing center is equipped with a tailstock and a tension rod with a closed force loop
  • Easy change over through excellent access and an ergonomical work holding and hob tool change < 10 min.
  • Easy operator interface with intelligent technology software package
  • Singular construction design with lift hooks for easy redeployment

For a multitude of manufacturing possibilities:

  • Parallel to main processing time push-roll-deburring with fettling wheel and elimination oft he resulting scondary burr at the flank with the dressing cut
  • Finish machinig in final quality IT4 to IT5 with the single cut or a dressing cut process

Convenient tool change:

To change the hob cutter, the hob head is swivelled into a vertical position prior to the operator accessing the work area. Based on the excellent access and the use of both hands a hob cutter change is possible in only 30 seconds.

Precision to the µm, day after day, year after year

All hobbing machines of the FHC platform have a mono-block machine base made from mineral base concrete for maximum rigidity with optimum damping characteristics and high dynamic axis servo drives. Direct driven synchron motors for the work piece spindle and the tool spindle with high resolution encoders, guarantee a high dynamic feedback control system, highest quality and a long life of the production machine.

Technical Data

Work Piece Diameter max. 80 mm
Modul max.* 2 mm
Hob Cutter Diameter min.
Hob Cutter Diameter max.

max. 70 mm
Hob Cutter ovrall Lenght min.
Hob Cutter ovrall Lenght max.
240 mm
276 mm
Hob Cutter lenght teethed max. 190 mm
Hob Arbor cylinder shaft diameter
22 mm
Counter support short taper Ref. Diameter
25 mm
Hob Spindle-Power Rating (S6-60%)
9 kW
Hob Spindle-Speed max. 11.000 min.-1
Work Piece Spindle Power Rating
2 x 500 W
Work Piece Spindle Speed max.
700 min.-1
Axial Travel max.

200 mm
Radialschlittenweg max.

80 mm
Swivel Range of Hob Head (A-Axis)
+/- 35°
Tangential Travel max. (Y-Axis)
170 mm
Axial (Rapid traverse) 30 m/min.
Radial (Rapid traverse) 30 m/min.
Tangential (Rapid traverse) 30 m/min.
Connected Load SIEMENS 840 D
ca. 40 kVA
Floor Space Base Machine (w/o Chip Cart) ca. 7 m²
Weight Base Machine 9.000 kg
Basic machine without chip conveyor
ca. 7 m²

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