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Virtual Machine

With virtual commissioning in the Industry 4.0 Age

Our customers are tasked with bringing new products to market in ever shorter time. For us, this means systems and machines have to be delivered with shorter delivery times.

Measures for parallelized processes are already a reality in mechanical and electrical construction as well as in purchasing. Parallelization in assembly is also already a reality. Component assembly has already started, although system-specific long running parts have yet to be delivered.

Often the customer cannot provide a sufficient number of workpieces for testing a system because they are an expensive prototype or upstream processes have not yet been completed. In these cases, it is usually not possible to examine and test all system states or special situations of a system.

With "virtual commissioning" a system can be planned and put into operation virtually well before delivery. This saves valuable commissioning time in the customer's plant.

For the "virtual commissioning", a 3D CAD model is prepared in order to reduce the data size. Actuators and sensors in the model are also linked to the circuit diagram which is then cinematized. Any errors in the model or in the E-plan are recognized and can be eliminated immediately.

The software for the system is then installed onto a separate controller that is identical to the system. The controller can now control and query all actuators and sensors. With this method, the mechanical "reality" can be dispensed. It becomes particularly realistic when the mechanical elements (including the workpieces) can also move on the screen.

The employee can now have an unlimited number of workpieces in any machining status. As soon as the assembly has been completed, the real commissioning of the system can take place. The system can now be operated in automatic mode without delay.

The production time is shortened because the software creation and testing takes place in parallel with purchasing and assembly. Another advantage of the virtual commissioning is the possibility of doing any remaining work while the system is being dismantled and shipped.


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