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Drilling, Milling, Reaming, Grinding and Tapping – without a second clamping

High efficient machining sequences with time loss

The integration of various simple machining tasks such as milling, drilling, reaming and tapping is the standard for the machining of chucked work pieces today. The Felsomat FTC turning center offers the possibility to adapt driven tool spindles or multi spindle heads into the turret. Therefore complete machining of a given manufacturing task in the ideal process sequence, without the loss of time through multiple clamping or additional machines at a high efficiency, is possible. This process can of course, be controlled with tool breakage systems or integrated probes.

The highly standardized Felsomat turning centre FTC can be configured to a specialized production machine with standard modular building blocks. Motor spindles with high rpm for grinding or high torque for heavy milling at highest accuracy and life time are almost a standard. They can be mounted to the Z axis carriage containing the turret without a problem. By removing the turret and adding special mill, drill and swivel heads, the machine can be configured as a dedicated process machine. The basic requirement is a compact design with short levers, high rigidity and extremely good damping characteristics of the machine base.


The self loading machine for high Performance processes.



Turning with highest efficency.  


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