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Loader Axes

Loader Axes

Linear Gantry

Linear gantries are the simplest variant of a gantry robot. The points that can be reached with the gripper are all in one axis. The gantry beam provides the horizontal motion of the main axis, the vertical motion is done by the gantry arm.


Cantilever Gantry

In some cases it is necessary to make an additional motion interpolating with the gantry vertical axis. On the vertical gantry arm is a rotating axis to which is mounted a cantilever or swivel arm. This cantilever carries the gantry gripper which may have a fourth axis as an option. This configuration is very uselful in the case of loading into small machine spaces.


Area Gantry

When there are large areas to be covered, the area gantry is the perfect choice. With this solution the gantry arm can operate over a large user defined area.


The H-Loader has two independent arms with girppers arranged in parallel on one axis. The distance between the arms is fixed. This configuration is ideal for long shafts / crank shafts or cubical parts, where a swivel gripper cannot be used.


18.-23.09.2023, Hannover

24.-25.05.2023, Novi, MI, USA, Stand D5

23.-25.05.2023, Berlin, Halle 2.2 / Stand B10-C10