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System Design

Felsomat System Design

State of the art production concepts for your individual requirement

Innovative and efficient production technology is a key factor in the future. Only innovative solutions provide a sustainable advantage over your competitors. This can only be consistently achieved with our intelligent and standardized solutions. At the design of integrated and trend setting production concepts, we will work closely together with you to create the most productive manufacturing concept with the lowest cost per part.

State of the art technologies, systematic analytical approach to solve a problem guarantees our customers entirely new and impressive solutions.

With the new and modular designed FlexLine, Felsomat offers a highly productive solution for gear manufacturing. The Felsomat turnkey solution for complete manufacturing from the rough to the finish part not only includes all required machine tools, but the completely integrated material handling system as well. This opens a new horizon for our global customers with a tremendous increase in productivity and added value.

Equipment Engineering

We took on the challenge for the manufacturing of engines and medical components and perfected the equipment engineering to an additional core competence of Felsomat. With the delivery of a validated, certified and completely automated manufacturing system for implants, we contribute our share in the technological progress of medical manufacturing

State of the art engine manufacturing for cylinder head, crankcase and crankshaft with entirely flexible manufacturing systems for batch size 1 and line tact of less than 30 seconds, would be impossible without the Felsomat automation solutions.

Systems Engineering

For systems engineering we concentrate on the integration of the single standard processes, machining, automation, and assembly into a complete and perfect system.

We understand engineering as an active challenge. Together with our customers we want to help create their innovative production systems today, capable of meeting the competitive challenges of tomorrow. –.


Our global customers are reaping the benefit of our accomplishments and our visionary creativity, which is always one step ahead.

Wherever innovation is required for economical automation, manufacturing, and assembly of power train components, we demand of ourselves to satisfy your objectives with highly productive technology “"made by Felsomat"”.


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