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Adapter Plate Assembly

Highest Accuracy due to adapter plates

Specialized equipment for distortion-free mounting

Adapter plate technology is is a remarkable option in the flexible manufacturing of cylinder heads, crankcases, transmission housings and valve bodies in machining centers. Different work piece variants can be clamped in a simple way, without the need to retrofit the clamping fixture for possible future work piece design changes. The adapter plate is the common interface between the work piece and the clamping fixture of the machine.

In modern high production machining centers, the work pieces are not clamped directly into the fixtures of the machines. Instead the extreme rigid designed adapter plate is clamped in the machine either with a zero point locking system or with a classic dove tail design free of clearance. Based on the hardened locating and fix points, the elements guarantee a high repeatability for a long period of time. Opposite to clamp the work piece direct into a machine fixture, with the adapter plate it is possible to achieve a higher accuracy.

Insufficient clamping of the work piece has a direct negative impact on the machining result. Therefore the automation specialist has to ensure the absolute distortion free mounting of the work piece onto the adapter plate. The Felsomat automation building blocks offer all required elements for this requirement. A back lash free assembly with the control of rotation angle and torque of the bolt units are standard, as well as the optional locating control for a proper location of the work piece on the adapter.

nstead of an adapter plate, direct into the work piece mounted zero point clamping systems can be used, often for inherent rigid work pieces such as crankcases.

The automation is gripping the work pieces on the adapter plate as well. Therefore, future changes of the work pieces have no impact on the automation concept. Adapter plate, in most cases, can be rolled as well so that the transportation on roller conveyors is not damaging important seal faces of the work piece. With Felsomat adapter plate assembly stations you are well prepared for all future challenges.


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