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Work Piece Tracking / Data Matrix Code marking
Work Piece Tracking / Data Matrix Code marking

Identificaton Systems and Work Piece Tracking

To reduce significantly the risk of cost and product / to be on the safe side of the law and the logistics.

The simple control of modern, complete manufacturing process, would be impossible without the use of machine readable databar, data matrix, RFID or any other identification systems. These systems offer a broad variety of options for the complete value added chain, from the rough part to the individual production steps up to the point of sale. It is now possible to identify each individual work piece, to record them fully automated in as structured data, to document and keep track of the complete production history. It is possible for example to encrypt besides the unique identification number a batch number or the date of production in the same code.

Part tracking and inventory management is eliminating almost every mistake.

Felsomat is offering this technology in the area of automation solutions. To this belongs the marking of the code on the work pieces with a laser marker, needle marker or inkjet printer, as well as the reading of the information before and after the workstations or SPC drawers. The information is transmitted with a certified interface to the production server or direct to the individual workstation.

With this technology you give consideration to the legal and logistics questions.


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