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ChakuChaku (Manual Loading)

ChakuChaku (Manual Loading)

The ChakuChaku* loading is the simplest and most value stream oriented production with the lowest investment cost for automation. With simple automation technologies which are linked and synchronized, the work pieces are transported, manually in the shortest way possible through the manufacturing modules. Drawer- or conveyor systems are available in the simplest version with a certain decoupling of the operator. The transportation between the manufacturing machines is done by the operator manually.

ChakuChaku (Japanese for loading, loading) is a Japanese based term for working systems, where operators carrying work pieces in a given order to a production equipment, load them and after the mostly automated process is finished retrieve the work piece, carry it to the next production equipment and repeat the sequence. Typically the travel distance between the machines is kept to a minimum and therefore the cells have a U or ? shaped design, where the operator can service every station (Multi Point Work). In most cases a small buffer inventory in front of each station can be maintained, where the work pieces can have a short waiting time.

The goal of such a system is the transition to flexibility of the system performance. The performance can be almost increased in the same way as personnel is added, thus the productivity per person remains constant. Chaku-Chaku is a very technical characteristic of he one piece flow and is secured with Poka Yoka measures for a higher process stability.

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