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Applications Engineer

Felsomat USA, Inc. located in Schaumburg, Illinois is a steadily growing subsidiary of Felsomat GmbH, with headquarters in Germany and part of the Reishauer Group. We manufacture CNC turning machines, twin spindle hobbing machines as well as laser welding machines used in the manufacture of high volume precision gears. We also specialize in the automation of high production automation systems used in automotive engine Electrified powertrain and transmission plants.
We are a leading supplier to the Worlds’ premier automotive companies and parts suppliers, such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, ZF, Fiat, VW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, GKN, and Getrag.
Our continued growth presents an immediate opening based at our Schaumburg Illinois facility for an Applications Engineer.

This position is responsible for supporting the sales processes through the creation of layouts, budgets, and proposals. 
They need to understand engineering techniques and methods to quote.
Also could effectively present and describe concepts to fellow employees and customers and able to meet work deadlines that are dependent on others.
They will also work closely with customers to ensure accurate proposals and minimize risk.

Functions and responsibilities:

  1. Supports the sales processes through the creation of layouts, budget, and proposals:
    • Create proposals effectively and efficiently for Felsomat USA Inc. equipment.
    • Maintain proposal format standards established in Germany and the United States.
    • Ability to work closely with vendors, customers, German and United States Sales departments.
    • Meet the required deadlines of customer proposals with solutions that utilize equipment manufactured by Felsomat USA Inc.
  2. Material Handling Applications Experience:
    • Understands engineering techniques and methods to quote.
      These include:
      • Budgeting and spreadsheet skills 2 & 3-dimensional drawing skills. AutoCAD knowledge and experience.
      • Ability to express thoughts and concepts in written proposals.
      • Detailed understanding of automation concept components:
      • Cycle time studies.
      • Cost comparisons.
      • Quotations preparation.
      • The concept is workable and has a workable budget.
      • Ability to produce a concise & accurate technical description.
  3. Presentation Skills:
    • Can effectively present and describe concepts to fellow employees and customers.
    • Organized so that customers perceive that you are prepared to discuss issues.
    • Systematic approach to solving problems with customers.
    • Works closely with the salesperson and other applications engineers to solve problems correctly and efficiently.
    • Ability to give credibility to the proposed solution.
  4. Analysis & Judgment:
    • Able to meet work deadlines on work that are dependent on others.
    • Minimize the risk by applying experiences from the past.
  5. Strong customer interaction:
    • Works closely with customers to ensure accurate proposal and to minimize risk.
    • Pro-active communication with customers and addressing their concerns satisfactorily.
    • Professionally represent Felsomat USA Inc.
  6. Support the operations department:
    • Ensure the operations group is comfortable with the proposal, with the level of documentation meeting their needs.
    • The operations group is satisfied through a successful project outcome. The completed project is profitable.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned.

Formal Qualification:
BS in Mechanical Engineering

Job Experience (years):
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the industry.

Job Experience (contents):
Material Handling Applications

Thinking environment:
Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Thinking challenge:
Must be able to assess situations and be able to put into writing the Felsomat USA Inc. equipment needed to help the customer to achieve their production goals.

Note: We will not contact candidates who do not meet the above minimum requirements.

Accountable for finding new customers and building a relationship with existing ones.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Understands the customer requests and needs
  2. Cost-conscious
  3. Build relationships with customers
  4. Write clear and concise proposals

We offer a competitive compensation package together with a comprehensive range of employee benefits.

To apply send your resume to Human Resources at HR@felsomat.com


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