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Continuous Generating Gear Grinding
Continuous Generating Gear Grinding

Continuous Generating Gear Grinding

To give our customers the access to the continuous generating gear grinding process, invented and brought to perfection by Reishauer, we have integrated the Reishauer RZ 160 FL fully into the FlexLine. The machine is equipped with two work piece spindles making machining time parallel to loading and unloading of work pieces and thus allow for very high productivity.

  • Low noise surface structure of the tooth flank with Reishauer LowNoise Shifting-Technology
  • Compensation of grinding wheel wear through continuous shifting for highest productivity and process stability
  • Optimum bearing load with the possibility to grind the bottom land

The target is, to get the advantages of the complete process chain with the FlexLine from a single source. With a selective examination of in process tolerances with a reduced amount of stock for each operation, tremendous competitive advantages can be generated. A smaller amount of stock is not only increasing the quality that can be achieved for gears, it will shorten the through put time significantly and thus the cost of production as well.

The module gear grinding with the Reishauer RZ 160 FL is meeting every demand of lean production:

  • Simple work flow and clear processess with simple logistics
  • Avoidance of wast and over capacity
  • Highest work piece quality and process stability
  • Perfection of the continuous flow production, One-Piece-Flow

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