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Gear Hobbing

Gear Hobbing

The turned blanks will be transfered with an automation after the green turning to the hobbing machine FHC 180.

The hobbing machine FHC is combining the roughing and finishing of the gear profile as well as the chamfering and deburring of the tooth flanks. This mulit process technology is substituting the need of additional machines. Driven by the guiding idea of lean production, the peripheral operation chamfering and deburring is performed in parallel to the gear cutting. Therefore the FHC 180 is equipped with two work piece spindles, which perform in alternation the processes of gear roughing, chamfering, deburring and finishing. When one spindle is performing the gear hobbing process, the second spindle either gets loaded / unloaded or is performing the chamfering and deburring process in parallel. The chip to chip time is reduced to the rotation of the housing containing the two work piece spindles.

The complete machining is done with one set up, this produces the highest possible accuracy and in specific cases it Is possible to finish hob the gear teeth completely.

Inside the FlexLIne the decoupling for this module is done with a buffer conveyor with an optimum capacity. Usually on the FHC is required at a line tact of 20 seconds.

The module gear hobbing with the FHC 180 is meeting every demand of lean production:

  • Simple work flow and clear process
  • Short ways with optimum buffers
  • Highest accuracy
  • Avoidance of wast and over capacity
  • Perfection of the continuous flow production, One-Piece-Flow

The combination of green turning and gear hobbing is defined as Green Module, based on the material state prior to heat treatment.


The most innovative hobbing technology for transmission shafts.



New dimensions in gear Technology.



Hobbing in a bigger dimension.


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