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Green Turning

Green Turning

The FlexLine developed by Felsomat is the bench mark of a modern and lean production in gear manufacturing. Felsomat is offering the maximum in efficiency with ideal and perfect harmonized modules, which can be configured to your optimum process chain.

For the green turning of forged gear blanks, the highest material removal rate at a maximum of accuracy for the subsequent processes is essential. The turning machine FTC 180 is equipped with two turning spindles and a turret traversing in between. With this configuration complete machining of the work piece in two set ups is possible. All quality relevant features are machined in the first operation, a balancing of cycle time between operations is not necessary. Idle times are reduced to a minimum, since the loading is done in parallel to the machining and the chip to chip time is controlled only by the rapid speed of the turret slide traversing from one spindle to the other. This ensures maximum output.

The complete work piece handling with internal loader and buffer conveyor to decouple both spindles, is done inside the machine detached from the line tact. Based on the required cycle time the required amount of parallel operating FTC turning machines is calculated. These machines are linked together with subsequent operations by automation. Usually two FTC green turning machines for gear blanks are required at a line tact of 20 seconds.

The module green turning with the FTC 180 is meeting every demand of a lean production:

  • Simple work flow and clear process
  • short ways with optimum buffers
  • Highest accuracy
  • Avoidance of wast and over capacity
  • Perfection of the continuous flow production, One-Piece-Flow

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