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Power Honing

Power Honing

Following the demands of our customer, Felsomat developed as an alternative to the high productive continuous generating gear grinding the power honing on the honing machine FPSH 180 and has it fully integrated into the FlexLine.

In case gear grinding is not possible, either through the geometry of the work piece or the emission requirement for the gear in the transmission, the FlexLine has an additional essential module.

Specifically designed and brought to perfection for the honing of gears, the honing machine FPSH is based on the pick up machine principle. The leakage of honing oil and oil mist is prevented by a small enclosed work area, the work piece spindle works also as oil spin. Before each machining the amount of stock is measured with a two flank rolling test. Unnecessary “air honing” will be avoided with this check. With a cutting speed up to 50% higher than conventional solutions, the abilities of current cutting materials are used to the full extend. Highest productivity with shortest machining times is guaranteed.

  • Low noise surface structure of the tooth flank
  • Automatic, cyclic dressing of the hone wheel guarantees highest productivity, process stambility and work piece quality
  • Gear teeth are free of grind burn based on non critical cutting speeds
  • Twist free gear geometries

The target is, to get the advantages of the complete process chain with the FlexLine from a single source. With a selective examination of in process tolerances with a reduced amount of stock from the gear hobbing and a minimum of distortion from the heat treatment, tremendous competitive advantages can be generated. A smaller amount of stock is not only increasing the quality that can be achieved for gears, it will shorten the through put time significantly and thus the cost of production as well.

The module gear honing with the Power Hone Machine FPSH is meeting every demand of lean production:

  • Simple work flow and clear processess with simple logistics
  • Avoidance of wast and over capacity
  • Highest work piece quality and process stability
  • Perfection of the continuous flow production, One-Piece-Flow

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