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Laser Welding

Laser Welding

Modern manual transmission as well as automatic dual clutch transmissions, require idler gears equipped with synchronizer gears. The manufacturing of these gears with forgings is complex and expensive. Depending on certain geometry it is impossible to forge these gears at all, thus both gears are produced separately and then assembled.

With the integration of the assembly and laser welding process in the manufacturing process, it was possible for Felsomat to continue with the concept of a process for just in time driven manufacturing. .

Together with our system partner Trumpf, our specialist developed a safe laser welding process which is integrated within the laser welding machine FLW 180. With this machine all radial or axial welding processes for idler gears are done in the line tact time. Highly efficient solid disc laser sources in combination with modern technologies such as low pressure welding, as well as in process control of the welding, secure the high requirements of the weld seams. The laser welding machine FLW 180 is based on the rotary dial design and allows assembly and welding to be integrated into a continous process. When based on the material specification, preheating is required, it can also be integrated into the machine based due to the modular design.

The result is weld connection with low distortion free of cracks and highest rigidity

The module joining and welding with the FLW 180 is meeting every demand of lean production:

  • Simple work flow and clear process
  • Minimum of distortion and highest work piece quality
  • Avoidance of wast and over capacity
  • Perfection of the continuous flow production, One-Piece-Flow

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