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SyncroTherm® Heat Treatment

The strategic cooperation with ALD Vacuum Technologies has enabled us to convert the large batch heat treatment with multiple layers into single layer solutions. With SyncroTherm, the case hardening process is now fully integrated and synchronized in the manufacturing line. This allows a continuous “One-Piece Flow” leading to entirely new perspectives in automation solutions and logistics. Additionally this method obtains better results in terms of productivity, quality and environmental performance. With the development of this new heat treatment technology the operator is now able to control easily the radiant heating, the low pressure carburization (with acetylene) and the gas quenching (with nitrogen) by computer. This leads to results with minimal distortion and uniform quality of the workpieces. Thus the stock removal in the whole manufacturing sequence can be reduced and in the end the costs per part are lower.


• in line or system integrated heat treatment = hardening in One-Piece-Flow

• energy efficient process

• lowest distortion, highest precision

• lowest cost per part

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